About SRF India

Sangyartham  Research Foundation is a non-profit institution that focuses on research in humanities , law and social sciences . It came into existence in the year 2020 with the following objectives.: 

  • To conduct research that endeavours to resolve the contemporary problems confronting our nation and the world through the study and the critical examination of Indian thought and tradition.
  • To examine literature,culture, society and the epitomes of power in the context of national and global challenges.
  • To strengthen trans-disciplinary research for India’s higher education, national development and global peace.
  • To promote the sustainable development centric research.
  • To develop projects and promote interdisciplinary research in the key areas which have direct implications for leadership and nation building.
  • To form a network of researchers of excellence in the various disciplines so that a team can be created that delivers its research outcomes which are conducive to social and national development.
  • To identify and support the researchers in the areas of humanities, law and social sciences who address the issues of national importance and also to produce and publish their high-quality research outcomes.

Sangyartham Research Foundation works with academicians ,lawyers ,researchers, thinkers, policymakers and social activists to fulfill its objectives.

Today the world is misled by its wrong notion of ‘human almightiness ‘ and need of the hour is that Indian thought and culture governed by its concept of humility towards Nature should guide the world to navigate through the darkness of wars and conflicts the current era is in.The Indian thought process is groomed over generations and is a synthesis of “yog “ “Gyan “Karma “ Shastrarth “. The advent of post-modern formulation of ‘Idea of Bharat’ seems to be dissected from its glorious heritage. This is reflective in all dimensions of public discourse . Sangyartham  Research Foundation(SRF India) seeks to re-orient such discourse for the public good.

Three Centers of SRF

Center for Literary and Cultural Studies.

Center for Law, Justice and Social Development.

Center for Trans-disciplinary Research