About us

Sangyartham Research Foundation is a non-profit institution that focuses on research in humanities , law and social sciences . It came into existence in the year 2020 with the following objectives.:

Sangyartham Research Foundation works with academicians ,lawyers ,researchers thinkers, policymakers and social activists.

Today the world is misled by its wrong notion of ‘human almightiness ‘ and need of the hour is that Indian thought and culture governed by its concept of humility towards Nature should guide the world to navigate through the darkness of wars and conflicts the current era is in.The Indian thought process is groomed over generations and is a synthesis of “yog “ “Gyan “Karma “ Shastrarth “. The advent of post-modern formulation of ‘Idea of Bharat’ seems to be dissected from its glorious heritage. This is reflective in all dimensions of public discourse . Sangyartham Research Foundation(SRF India) seeks to re-orient such discourse for the public good.